The Decisive Month.


What a month this is going to be. One one hand I am overwhelmed by it as it could be one of the biggest turning page of my life, on the other, I surrender to where the Universe leads me to albeit small decisions need taken along the way.  I take what enlightens me, what is effortless and anything that is possible within my ability to move forward at this juncture of my life. Intentions, desires, plans (though I am not one to plan) have not materialised, HOWEVER, I believe that throughout all my experiences, I can say that the alternates turn out to be beyond my imaginations on positivities, favourableness and best outcome there is.  Therefore, I surrender.

This coming Saturday, I will start packing everything in this apartment and those that I still keep will go to a s

toring box that I rent monthly as soon as the goods are delivered there and the furnitures will all be removed by a removal company to be taken away as I have no intention to keep them any longer.  

And so, this is going to be a huge new chapter I am endeavouring all by myself as to turn as in leaving Italy ( not sure if it’s for good) and move to Indonesia at last after over three decades it has been for me to consider it home. Thanks to Pietro, my late Italian husband.

It’s been fabulous! With all its many cultural shocks I’ve had to endure but the perks that came with it were:  – a faithful loving funny witty sweet generous protective husband. – travelling almost all over the world that I never dreamed nor imagined to ever come into my life. – a life style of living in an array of beautiful countries and being expatriates.  – knowledge of language I never even desired to learn and I speak it now. – a sense of dressing oneself in that stylish manner that’s typical Milanese style. – owning a beautiful tropical villa in Jakarta out of my generous husband’s initiative and purchased it as he so much wanted to live in Indonesia. – a monthly income he leaves me as to take care of myself. Thank you, Pietro, my will-powered husband in terms of wanting to love me from day one till his last days filled with his protectiveness of me. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to spend the time with him in our Villa where I strangely felt that I should convey to him my gratitude and even told him that he was my hero. He just looked at me without responding but with that gentle rather surprised disbelief amazement on his eyes and expression.  I meant it!

Grateful for everything this life has brought me, good or bad but 90% of it have been good thus far. I’m amazed myself of how God works in His own mysterious ways.  Thank You, God, from the bottom of my heart forever.

With this I’d say as a word of wisdom to everyone who reads this: follow your intuition. accept defeats sometimes in order to win at all times. respect people and never stoop to their level of negativities. be child-like that emanates from within, don’t be ashamed of it. be pure in your approach to life. expect and anticipate beautiful turnouts in every aspects of your life. be you but not as in being hostile and curse when you are in the moment of anger or disappointment. stay calm and accept. Life goes on, it is not going to stop only because it doesn’t go according to your expectations and plans. Live and let life. Be happy and peaceful always. Get excited, celebratory and ebullient with what life hat to offer that are fantastic! Be you!  Happy October, 2017 and till next month.




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