In One Week, Autumn Will Start.

Loving the temperature the city of Milan is having these days, on the last vestige of summer days.  The rain has started and the overcast and total dark cloudiness is already here which I so welcome it very much.

Being on my own and thank God I am one who loves her own company with the exception of my close friends or family that I love spending time with, life is good being in this old tiny apartment I rent in Milan.  To be exact, my late husband has rented since decades ago.  Reason being, he never really liked the apartment per se and was too lazy to be bothered to look for another place as also, the location is quite good.  And as a wife, I wasn’t one who cajoled what my desire is upon him; which was to have at least 2 bedrooms in an apartment we live.  I kept silent and let him decide what he thought it was best for him on this department.

Another summer passed without going anywhere where everyone was busy packing, leaving, traveling and having new experiences in their designated destinations. Again this time, I am in Milan the third time in August since the death of my husband in 2014. 2015 was spent the whole year in our lovely villa in Jakarta, Indonesia, the gift of my beloved husband as I was a 100% homemaker.

Are you ready for Autumn?

What do you like the best that one can do in this season?

Personal note: I’m not one who celebrates Halloween. I don’t understand the meaning of it in terms of dressing up but seeing almost everyone celebrates it, it must be fun! However, I gladly would just skip it.

Your opinions are welcome as I am one who is always fascinated by the takes of any situation from anyone as it always comes from their perspectives subject to the life they live in and the experiences they have been having or have had.

Have a beautiful last one week of the summer everyone!





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