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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Meta (Meta M on my You Tube channel) – Metina Rachmatika (on my Facebook Page and Instagram).

This blog is for me to share on my personal experiences with you in the way I put together an outfit be it casual, sportive or chic, sexy, elegant – but with that understated-ness where others do not feel threatened being in your company as to steal the limelight amongst us women that has this underlining insecurity whenever we get together right?

First of all, let me introduce myself of where I’m coming from.

I am Indonesian but have lived out of Indonesia for many years at a long stretch and intermittently in the past as my adolescent years were spent in London, England.

Then after over 4 years there, moved back to Jakarta, Indonesia, but not long after, moved to live in Singapore. once temporarily and the other time, six years.

Prior to 6 years in Singapore, I lived in Los Angeles or California for a year.

I have been blessed to have travelled and visited many places in various countries as well as staying for at least a year in the countries as follows.

Then moved to Milan, Italy, for good which is my home base to this day, and as mentioned above, I’d travelled and lived in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, North England, Russia, apart from travelling to the USA from New York, LA, San Francisco and Miami.

Over the past 5 years, I have been living alternately between Jakarta, Indonesia, and Milan, Italy, and still awaiting whether to continue with this life-style or to just live in one country or another.  All subject to awaited development that can help me determine which country it is.  Preferably, Italy, although I do not have any family here but some friends.  And also to be close to my other friends in Europe as I do feel more at home here.

Most of all, to be near to my only child, a daughter, who lives and works in New York.

The climate helps very much as well as life style, food, and just the freedom to walk anywhere.

Sadly, I am a widow – who recently lost her husband in March 2014 and given that he was Italian and on his account that I find myself living here as without him, I wouldn’t have ever come to know Italy, let alone living here and knowing its language and culture only because we met in Jakarta, Indonesia, where within a month, he asked me to marry him. He left back to Italy after two months we were together, then came to Jakarta again but this time with the ticket in his hands (no Internet yet) he came himself for me so that we could come to Italy together and I didn’t have to come alone. That’s how gentleman he was and for this I am forever grateful.

Therefore, this blog is to share with you the knowledge that I have gained throughout my life here on various subjects although thus far, I’ve only written in regard to style in clothing. 

I will write a miscellaneous of things that follow and I hope very much that the little bit of tips or experiences I have had so far could enlighten you somewhat in your perspectives of life in general.

Thank you for subscribing to my blog, please feel free to comment and I see you in the next blog.

Cheers! Namaste. 

Meta M.




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Metina, been trying to contact you today as I was banned by FB for three days, when an obnoxious feminist (who was herself the abusive one) “reported me”, after SHE cursed at me for disagreeing with her on abortion (and I used *no* profanity towards her whatsoever). Sent you a message on Polyvore, then found your blog here. People who value freedom of speech and traditional western/family values need to stick together, or we’ll lose them.

    Freedom of speech is under attack in the US like never before, and I’m looking to network people and work together to fight them. You know I can take care of myself in any verbal dispute, but I can’t stop these fascist/Nazi/totalitarian “progressives” and feminists from censoring us alone… we need to work together. This is coming to Europe also, I’m sure, if it’s not there already. Facebook needs to be held accountable, and I’m wondering about a class action suit from people who are selectively censored based on the political bias and discrimination of Facebook (and radical feminist Sheryl Sandberg, who is CEO of FB).

    PLEASE email me at bookguitarguy@gmail.com so we can stay in touch over the next 3 days, and let Suzanne know why I can’t respond to her messages (we just became friends on FB today also). I’m in this battle to the end, and they’re forcing good people with traditional values to join together and fight them. If they WANT a fight, they’ll have one! I’m not surrendering my country or my freedom of speech that easily, to deranged and intolerant Leftists and feminists who hate white men, America, Christianity, motherhood, unborn children, and the heterosexual family. Sorry I can’t help on FB debates for the next 3 days, but I”m with you in spirit. :O) ❤

    PS. I can see posts and messages on FB (so far), so you can respond to my posts or send me messages there if you want to, but I can't respond to them (or "Like" anything). Not til Thursday, anyway. They've awakened a Sleeping Giant, and they're going to regret it bc the backlash against their hatred and censorship will be a lot more powerful than they realize, if I have anything to say about it!!!

    -Thanks, Fred

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    1. Sorry Fred, I only see your message now. Will read all later as I’m now in a hurry. But don’t worry, I’m with you on all of these unfair justice. It makes me sad. Will write some more later.


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