I Have Not Upgraded As Yet

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If anyone of you wondering why this blog’s website looks very simple still? Well, that is because I have not yet upgraded to date as it is pending on one factor I have to clarify first, so thank you for your patience.

I had three friends recently visiting me here in Milan and staying in my tiny apartment in the centre of the city, well, slightly off-centre… and all was not planned but came and manifested by itself just organically.  The three of them are Indonesians, one from Bali, one from Jakarta and one from The Hague, The Netherlands.

My point here is that they are lucky to have visited Milan where now the city has become much more melting-pot in terms of fashion or style that they all blended easily w many of the people here especially where many immigrants have flooded some of the areas.

In the city itself where you still see the homogeneous Italians, if one can distinguish well then you see the real Italian style of clothes worn in this season of late July summer where the unspoken rules still applies.  Case in point, the market I took them that’s frequented by the Italians from here then you see the absolute understated styles of everyone yet, one of my friends, in the area we happened to be standing and walking the other day, she loudly admired the outfit of one of the ladies that passed us by, crossing the traffic lights we stood near waiting for a taxi (which we didn’t get as it was the wrong spot to stand on although one taxi driver who had a passenger was so very kind as to gesture to me and to even kindly saying that he will send one taxi to where we stood so not to move away?).  But it didn’t come.

So, back to the style of the women here, my other friend commented that women here dress better than the men? Well, the men are more set in their styles but if you pay attention, the men dress excellently here.  Don’t forget, this is the business centre city of Italy that many do still work on these hot July days, therefore, of them being in business attires are still everywhere especially in the mornings, lunch times and the finish of office hours.

A lot wear blue and black. The custom is you wear white on summer days but given they will finish working hours in the evening, their attires in dark colours are already ready for their evening later on.  This, people forget to take into account.

I will go much more in-depth and detail of these unspoken rules held by the stylish Milanese but promise me not to laugh… Just take it for fun but you’ll be thankful to know once you come to live here or even visiting so you don’t stand out like a sore-thumb, looking touristy from afar.  I know, it’s not important anymore but for style-conscious people, this rule is still very much appreciated and welcomed in understanding what Italian style is all about.  At least from the Milanese point of view.

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