The Understated Friends as in Deeds

IMG_8731Although this blog started on intention to give some pointers on style by how to wear or put together an outfit as an understated style of a person – where there’s no need to impress others with a bang that comes with it, but with that understated and quiet style people would take a second look on your ensemble in the way you present yourself that they can’t help but admiring you quietly and also from afar as you have beguiled them in that subtle and delicate interpretation of what style really means.

Well, I would like to use this as an analogy to some friends I have at this juncture of my life. They are not the typical friends one would expect where they are present most of the large part of your life – always inviting you and asking you to be with them every so often – but those who normally stay in the background and away from your hectic life living their own lives too… until one day… you find yourself at a cross-road where a decision has to be made and fast and found yourself in a total jam and don’t know what to do, where to turn, but to plea for help anyway you can.

Well, I’m so happy and grateful to share with you, I have them!! These particular friends whom I would categorise them now as – “the understated friends” – friends who quietly and tactfully just  came to my rescue with aplomb with so much authenticity and spontaneity in heir ways, small or big, with a tremendous heart and a sense of humanity, showed up! I would also call them, the true children of God.  They are the kind that don’t need recognition for their act of kindness. Yet, they too have come to know what struggle entails in their life.  What true and gentle friends they are!! They are the true humans with hearts. They help you when you without questions asked. They never came to me saying: ” Well, that’s because you were nice to me before, Meta.” Never! They show that deeds are not based on what deeds they have received from the person they help.  They just do it! They act!  But most of all, in that subtle classy and sweet way of doing and continuing doing in discreet manner to top it all – by their support to you in the words of encouragements given, they are one of a kind human beings that I am so privileged to know and that I consider myself incredible lucky to have and to be able to call them “friends.” But they are truly more than that.

How can I thank these friends enough? How can I thank God for these amazing quality of friends I have.  How can I reciprocate their kindness which I hope soon I can do just that with that spontaneity they demonstrated in such amazing ways!

All I can say to these quality of friends I have and surprisingly enough from all walks of life and not just from one denominator such as, only because we are in business together, or we belong to the same group in society, or there is an interest vested in our friendship – but in a true genuine friendship based on the mutual respect and admiration we have for each other in that effortlessly manner we each have towards one another or each other… I thank you! Again, adding… you know exactly who you are or who I mean.

Love you in the true sense of the word! I can’t wait to be able to bring you that joy you have brought into my heart so as for you to feel how you have made me feel.

God bless! You’re the best!!


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