Hits and Misses on this Autumn Wear


This was yesterday Oct. 20, 2014.  The day was variable, partly cloudy and sunny. The temperature was very mild.

The photo above is these 7 girls who are newly-arrived in Milan the day before, from Jakarta, Indonesia.  One thing I can tell you is that, Indonesian ladies love sunglasses and really wear them at anytime possible.  I too love them, however, I only wear them discerningly based on the weather of that day.

As you can see here, it is obvious which one is I on this picture.

The girls were lovely and beautiful, except, they were over-dressed!

Without taking into consideration of the weather of that day, which was unusually warm and what did they put on? Knee boots!  The one on the lower left side, her colour combos are spot on for this season.  Except, they were too heavy to be worn on the day.  Also, her bag was too large and heavy.

On her left, the long flow patterned top with purple sunglasses and the knee-high brown boots were a “miss” altogether!  The colour combinations were very summery.  The boots were too high. And her skirt just killed it all.  Now, if she had put on a pair of white/black stretch pants with that flow patterned top; and black strap to to the ankle shoes and black single strap bag, that would complete the ensemble in the most appropriate manner for the day and for the season.  She has a nice face and a beautiful long lithe body.

On her left, the girl wore white and blue ensemble with high knee-boots in brown just didn’t hit it.  The top was wrong and the boots. If she had put a red sweater or even pink, added with beige or brown ankle-boots, that would have been very tasteful. Worn with high waisted blue jacket, that would close the deal. Very understated but sexy at the same time.

Then myself on her left.  Black, bottle green scarf and gold accessories and jewelries with a nice black bag and a gold chain strap.  I added a light black coat over it. It was very understated, yet rather stunning and very comfortable and practical since the weather was not cold at all, I took off the jacket and the white satin blouse I had on was just perfect for the day as well as the occasion.

On my left, that’s a total disaster.  Black, red, brown, burgundy etc., and the cuts of the apparel just had no shape and does not make a statement whatsoever.

Anyhow, everyone was lovely yesterday.

These are my takes on the style of these girls I had the pleasure to meet.



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