The Autumn Trend

The reason why I love living in Italy especially Milan, it’s that every season has its traditional colours and hues, patterns, cuts, textures of material to wear.  All in details presentations, hence one can spot on those who understand that unspoken rule of what-to-wear in Italy and you won’t be looked with side glances of ridiculousness. Although, today… it’s not as strict as when I was new here.  It took me years to understand and to “get it.”

Without further a due, I’ll begin with the tartan patterns that’s much in trend this year for fall.  The material has to be flannel even though not 100%, that’s ok.  No longer is tartan to be worn only on certain occasions as in the past.  It has strong deep colours and practical to wear casually and dressy, depending on what it is.  As a blouse, that’s more on the casual range whereas a skirt can be worn formally.

This Autumn has come rather belatedly in Milan.  It’s not as cold as it used to be nor as foggy but perhaps we’re only in October today.  People wore sleeveless shirts still when I was walking in the streets yesterday.  Some already in their opaque stockings and quilted jackets.  But for this reason also, I love Italy, for its appreciation to the changing of the seasons by wearing clothes accordingly.  It makes for understanding on the components of the materials/fabrics we have available as well as patterns, colours and cuts.

Enjoy! Hope this fun blog can be an inspiration to you or a little guide to understand how the Italians “do it.”

Happy October!

Photo on 17-10-2014 at 14.04 10568857_10203865434729851_716011766317543582_nelle-02-milan-v-xln



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