End of Milan Fashion Week for Spring and Summer 2015 Collections

Couldn’t help but have my attention to one model star who is born in this Fashion seasons from NYC, Milan and this week, Paris.
She is Kendall Jenner.
Used her photo on my post before last and now again.
First picture is her on the catwalk.
But look at her looks behind all that glamour.
This is what I call an Understated look. Simple, makes sense, yet stunning in a quiet way – and this is what this blog is about. The right clothes to wear at a certain given time and occasion that doesn’t mean you won’t draw people’s attention or make an impact at all. But doing it in the non-controversial way.
However, I reiterate again here, be yourself as you see fit by all means. This is just a small guidance on how to make your looks in that more admirable way.

Doing the catwalk.


Clothes worn in the real private life.
As you can see, these ensembles can be worn by any age as how understated it is and this is the essence of my blog here.


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