What is Understated Style?

2011-06-13 17.21.10It is something that doesn’t draw attention to the person’s attire immediately, but that lingering realisation such as watching a brewing tea, sipping into your consciousness.  Suddenly you find yourself looking approvingly to the person and say what a suitable combination the person has put together which feels just perfect for that particular moment or even weather.

An unspoken rule in Italy actually exists, so don’t ask anybody for it as it is “unspoken” – they wouldn’t even tell you as they themselves may not even realise.  The rule is of correct combinations on the right clothes for a venue, event, occasion, weather, season and last but not least, colours at any given day or night.  Italians would appreciate and understand at a glance that you know their style and become comfortable by accepting you as one of them.

Italians think inwards whereas Indonesians or even other nationalities (International, that is), think and see outwards.  It’s the way it is.

And THIS is UNIQUELY “Italian.”

This blog is delighted to convey this to the style-conscious people. To give some sort of understanding on how to put together a set of clothes to wear by mix’n’match from wide selections available of materials, patterns, colours and cuts that has its purpose for every occasion and on every season.

I live in Milan for many years intermittently. I am confident to say that my dress sense and style is discernibly Italian.

A touch of your personality certainly would make it more interesting by not being too conformed to the much expected classic style that not necessarily suits all.  Avoid veering off from the unspoken rules and you’ll be safe.

My personal style is that there’s an element of eccentricity and a touch of sexiness that has been an influence I picked from having lived in London many years ago.  It blends with my personality that I’m comfortable with.

Or, you could also adhere to the basics and that would give you already that air of confidence.

What makes this approach different is the clothes do not need to be from the latest fashion nor trend nor brand names.  Merely the right combinations of what blend for that particular occasion as you will see in my photos as follows.

It brings you confidence and the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin.

I strongly recommend it!

The coordinations will begin with a together-look on women and also MEN, once I get some men clothes to show, since Italy is synonymous with men on their fashion and style to name a few.  It is very important.

Casual, chick, elegant, quiet, unthreatening, highly tasteful, yet, with that air of sexiness.

To the aesthetically-conscious men and women.

“The Understated Style” IS A class of its own.



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