Subtle yet Stunning

What does that mean? In style when one wants to be distinguished yet not tacky and vulgar or classic and matronly. The idea is to keenly find that balance. You have to feel that sweet spot of style as it will come and when you find that, confidence boosted, looks enhanced and the carriage of…Read more »


Yes, at first I kept saying I have reached a level of experiencing the inner-peace that’s taking place in the last 2 years, well, almost – as soon as I made my move back to Jakarta, Indonesia – with the intention of selling my villa and move back to Milan, Italy, as soon as I…Read more »

Show Me Signs

If I should stay here and keep on running my still meagre income business with this Villa i.e: B&B and Lodger. Plus the unexpected Bamboo Straws produce from my own garden was the question I asked the Universe last week. Suddenly, not a day later, in the late evening… housekeeper texted from her dwelling at…Read more »