Worrying for Nothing

For as long as my iPhone keeps closing on me whenever I take pictures let alone filming a video, which has been two years to day due to no Storage , I’ve always felt so restricted, anxious and limited to what I want to do with my Youtube channel by only using my old iPhone…Read more »

Idea or Topic, Anyone?

Good Monday afternoon from here, Jakarta, Indonesia. I was wondering if any reader here or follower of my blog, thanks first of all, for your participation on this blog that’s written without a set format but what flows or comes naturally on the day that I am scheduled to write which is every Mondays? So…Read more »

Springtime Wear

What I would wear to the Lakes when the temperature starts rising to that just right Celcius number although it is still cold at this juncture. Blue coats would be perfect when the sun starts shining in that fresh clean air of Spring. I miss being in Milan in this season as it is my…Read more »